Meet Karpers

Cassie Weymouth, Editor-in-Chief

Sports are everywhere. From first walking in and seeing the giant board of state champions and record holders to the morning announcements reporting on games and win-loss records, sports are a huge part of Dulaney High School. This is particularly obvious after school when athletes are seen milling around locker rooms and practicing on the athletic fields. But who holds it all together?

The answer is Greg Karpers, our resident Athletic Director (AD). He manages all facets of the Dulaney athletics program including facilities, schedules, coaches, equipment, fundraisers and a multitude of other responsibilities. 

After graduating from Stevenson University, Karpers started his career as an accountant, working in sales for four and a half years. Karpers soon started coaching basketball in Reisterstown where the  rapport he developed with students, led him into education.

After teaching and coaching at Lansdowne high school, Karpers came to Dulaney as the athletic director in 2020. Starting in the middle of COVID, he found it difficult to navigate the responsibilities of AD. After some fast turnovers in the AD department, his main goal was to establish trust with the coaches.

Since then his main goal is to provide the opportunity for all students to participate in sports and to ensure they meet all eligibility requirements for the county. When asked if there was anything he wished he could provide, his answer came quickly.

Karpers’ said, “I feel like we have the resources to provide teams what they need, I do think that it would benefit our entire community, if we did have better facilities.”

Karpers has done a fantastic job creating equal opportunities for students to get involved and grow as athletes. In the near future, he hopes to continue this by developing a stronger relationship with student athletes and getting them involved in student leadership.