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Ready… Set… Write!

Cassie Weymouth, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

Timed writing has seemingly become an intrinsic part of the high school English and History curriculum. Any junior can tell you of the excessive number of 45 minute essays they have completed this year...

Microaggressions Aren’t So Micro

Microaggressions Aren’t So Micro

Michelle Wang, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

Growing up in a suburb of Baltimore, there were few Asian peers in my community, and even fewer Asian-Americans represented in the media. I grew up watching my peers pulling their eyes back in mocking,...

Hot Topics for 2022

Jackie Sibila and Olivia Morris May 31, 2022

Today’s world is full of controversy and strife about anything and everything people can think of. Arguments can quickly take a turn for the worse, words turning lethal, friendships turning into animosity....

An Argument for Year Round School: Written by a Student Who Loves Brain Breaks

Jackie Sibila, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

By the time June rolls around, burnout has taken over all motivation. But with June comes a well needed break: summer. It comes and goes and it’s just long enough for us to lose all the information gained...

Crocs: A Comeback Story

Crocs: A Comeback Story

Laura Pohl, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

I think we can all agree that Crocs are making a comeback in the world of fashion. Crocs were a popular shoe back in the day and I am here to defend why they should have never faded as a staple item in...

2k22 Playlist

2k22 Playlist

Erin Patterson, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

As the summer season approaches, editor Erin Patterson sat down to rank her top 10 summer playlist songs.  “Just A Little While” by The 502s My TikTok for you page brought this song into...

Ranking Colleges by their Best Aspect: Mascots

Madelena Lapinski, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

For the seniors committing and the juniors exploring colleges, many factors are considered: cost, dorms, location, programs, diversity and sports. But what is the symbol of everyone’s college experience?...

A Note to College Board

Lily Hemmeter, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

Dear College Board, Thank you for providing the best opportunities to me throughout my high school career. I feel more prepared for college now than ever before. Your Advanced Placement (AP) courses...

Class Rank: Should We Keep It?

Class Rank: Should We Keep It?

Lily Hemmeter, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

For years students’ academic achievements have been reduced to a single number: their Quality Point Average (QPA), a number which determines their standings among their fellow peers in the eyes of the...

Growing up in the Age of Technology

Olivia Morris and Cassie Weymouth April 4, 2022

Today, technology has become an integral part of society with people rarely leaving the house without their phone. And that’s just the start of it. Now it is rare to find someone without their own laptop,...

Which AP Classes are Actually the Best: An Objective Ranking

Ryan Tiedemann, Staff Writer April 4, 2022

The goal of this article is to rank AP classes in order of the enjoyability of their curriculum (with my own bias EXTREMELY prevalent). Note: This article does not rank teachers nor difficulty, and...

A Deeper Look Into Senioritis

Esha Singhai , Editor April 4, 2022

Sen-ior-itis (n.) A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors.  Symptoms include: a lack of studying and repeated absences. The only known cure is a phenomenon known as Graduation.  Source:...

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