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WandaVision Review: Superhero Films Reimagined

Sophia Paranzino March 26, 2021

A 1950’s-inspired sitcom is not the first thing most would think of for a superhero spin-off television show. Yet, the first episode of Marvel Studios’ “WandaVision'' was just that. During the course...

Digital Drawing

Finding positivity through art when all else seems lost

Grace Monacelli, Sports Editor February 5, 2021

Growing up surrounded by creative influences, freshman Rebecca Liao has taken a passion for creating art. Her friends and family have always considered her to be an “artistic” person, as she used to...

photo by Cassie Weymouth

The Festive Five

Jackie Sibila, Staff Writer January 11, 2021

The holidays are approaching fast but with rising COVID cases many are struggling to find ways to be festive this winter. Now I'm sure my fellow extraverts (and maybe introverts too) are all just itching...

Image via Netflix

Review of “The Trial of the Chicago 7” and its importance right now

Varun Khushalani, Staff Writer January 11, 2021

*Spoiler Alert* - This review contains spoilers for this Netflix film Writer and director Aaron Sorkin—fresh off his brief stint on Broadway—returns to Hollywood with his new Netflix movie, “The...

COVID-19 Complicates the Holidays

Anna Albergo and Miranda Parrish January 11, 2021

This holiday season, political leaders and medical professionals on federal, state and local levels have been advising Americans to stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  There have been mixed...

Drastic increase in Pet Purchases during Quarantine Creates New Problems

Erin Patterson January 4, 2021

Have you been lonely, bored or hopeless during quarantine? If so, you are not alone. These moods increased the feeling of needing a pet causing the purchase of pets to surge over the past nine months....

PS5 and XBOX Series X Review

PS5 and XBOX Series X Review

Griffin Tunison  and Cooper Woest January 4, 2021

The console war between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox has entered a new age following the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, the first of the next generation consoles. Both...

New and local boba shop takes over Towson

Alycia Wong, Editor October 30, 2020

Years ago when I saw that Kung Fu Tea, a boba tea shop, had just opened right next to my favorite Pho restaurant in Towson circle, I was overjoyed. With no boba shops nearby, I was rarely  able to relive...

Falling for Fall Menu Trends

Miranda Parrish, Staff Writer October 29, 2020

With the Fall season approaching, many restaurants and fast-food chains have brought back or added new items to their menu, officially reintroducing the annual commercial ‘pumpkin spice’ flavor. While...

Another Disney Disaster: The Live-Action Mulan Movie

Sophia Paranzino, Features Editor October 29, 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, Disney became the hero we all needed by releasing what we all so desperately wanted, another subpar live action remake of a classic film. This time Disney remade the 1998 animated,...

Tenet Movie Poster

“Tenet” Amazes Empty Theaters

Varun Khushalani, Staff Writer October 29, 2020

Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest living directors of our time. Most know him for the “Dark Knight” trilogy or “Inception,” but he has created many more incredible pieces of cinema. Before...

Through the Freshmen’s Eyes

Jackie Sibila and Cassie Weymouth October 29, 2020

     This school year has been off to a unique start, and for freshmen especially who arrived at their first day of high school by pressing join on their computer. Everyone has arrived on the first...

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