The Griffin

Constant change promotes growth, resilience and tenacity

October 31, 2018

It’s that time of year again. The return to school inevitably ushers in a myriad of policy changes throughout the school, and this year is no exception: the introduction of devices (complete with bright blue Baltimore County...

If our walls could talk

Olivia Summons, Editor-in-chief

February 1, 2018

From the SAT, APs, PARCC, ACT, perhaps it’s time to consider if this barrage of academic acronyms is veiling a deeper issue. Dulaney has little problem with academic opportunity. Walking down the hall students are exposed...

Students’ grade obsession dismissed as the new norm

November 22, 2017

You know there’s a problem when your browser home page is BCPS One. Freshman year, students are bombarded with lists of dozens of clubs and introduced to Naviance, your new college mentor. Sophomore year, students are pressured...