Dear Santa: here’s our holiday wishlist

1. A new, state-of-the-art school
2. Wifi reception in every classroom
3. Water coolers that are promptly refilled
4. A bigger senior parking lot and speed bumps that don’t scrape cars
5. A deep cleanse for all bathroom clipboards
6. More sleep and a later start
7. The same redo policy in all classes
8. Computers that work consistently
9. Access to Google Drive and
10. A stable building temperature so it’s not summer in one class and winter in another
11. Textbooks that aren’t vandalized
12. Graded classwork and homework
13. Wider hallways and two-way staircases
14. More attention to the arts
15. For people to submit to Sequel
16. To be allowed into the building before 7:30 a.m.
17. Announcements broadcast in all classrooms
18. Theatre headsets that don’t malfunction
19. Working showers in the girls locker room
20. For winter break to come sooner
21. Chik-fil-A in the cafeteria
22. Air conditioning in the gym and auditorium
23. No more bus changes (Thanks for this one, history teacher John Wagner)
24. For people to read the Griffin website: