Dear Santa: here’s our holiday wish list


No need to wrap these, Santa, just hurry:

1. Sell all the Dulaney laptops to buy one big laptop
2. Nationally televised Dulaney Chess Club matches
3. Consistent exposure to Google
4. The designated JUUL room (just kidding there are already two on every floor)
5. Bring back superlatives
6. Unlimited access to Mr. Skelton and /or Mrs. Hopkins’s wardrobe
7. Hallway Slip n Slides (fun way to use faulty plumbing)
8. Bigger lockers to cram freshmen into
9. Get rid of zones
10. In-school Dunkin
11. Access to the library
12. Less hair in the sinks
13. Ban mirror selfies in Dulaney restrooms
14. School leprechaun to bring joy and luck to hallowed halls (Bowman on limerick day year round)
15. Bring back Dulaney snap story
16. Never-ending supply of water cups
17. Free the snake (again)
18. Hire cameramen to film all fights and show in the morning during theannouncements
19. Quarterly student evaluation of teachers
20. More activities that require glue
22. Consistent internet and Schoology
21. More people to read the Griffin website: