A new chapter for allied soccer

A new chapter for allied soccer

Laura Hennawi and Griffin Tunison 

The 2019 Fall season brought about immense change to the Dulaney Allied Soccer team, which regardless, continues to shine in an almost undefeated season. Allied sports coach Anita Shaw describes the loss of former players and the impact it has had on the team. While the athletes predominantly make up the team, students in general education around the school join to take on the “buddy” role for support and assistance on and off the field.

“We lost a lot of players from last year’s roster of 19, and so we have a much smaller team this year. We currently have 11 players with disabilities, and 2 buddies playing on the team,” Shaw said. “Since we only play with 7 players on the field, the athletes are getting much more playing time in each game which has been a real positive for them!”

Even with less players, however, the Allied Soccer team has gone mostly undefeated this fall with record-breaking wins for Dulaney High School, including a 4-3 win against Hereford High School for the first time in nine years and a tie against Towson High School.

What stands out about Dulaney Allied Soccer is the connections the program creates between the FALS-CALSstudents and general education students. With 25 buddies on the team, the support for the athletes is spectacular and unique to the allied program.

“Every athlete has their own team of 2-3 buddies,” Shaw said. “The relationships that form between our athletes and buddies connects people that may not otherwise be connected, breaking down barriers and stretching us as human beings.”

In addition to the changes involving the new players, the Dulaney Allied Soccer Team saw a new member to the coaching team: Assistant Coach Kristi Korrow.

“We are so lucky to have her join our program.  Her coaching ex

perience is awesome, but what truly makes her stand out is her heart for kids with disabilities.  She’s one of a kind!

Assistant Coach Kristi Korrow has been an exciting addition to the team this year. Coach Korrow is the head coach of the Women’s Lacrosse team at Dulaney. Korrow was excited to join “the most unique athletic program at this school”.

“Fun is the number one goal for our athletes and winning is secondary, which is a new thing for me” said Korrow.

Fun is the number one thing for the allied and it contributes to their success. Often the stress of winning takes away from the fun of the game, but the Allied Soccer team shows how it doesn’t have to be that way.

“I walk on that field everyday knowing I’m going to have a smile on my face pretty much the entire time and it is the goal to bring that fun and level of joy to everyone else on that field and I think when that is the goal, that is something that separates the program,” said Korrow.


The Allied Soccer team is a program that brings joy to everyone involved, allowing athletes and buddies to make relationships that can last a lifetime. The Allied Soccer program makes Dulaney a better program and represents what it means to be a Dulaney Lion.