Ring or No Ring?

Ryleigh Bernhardt, Staff Writer

Ring! An exciting time to celebrate your high school year with friends. Sophomores, or sometimes Juniors, will get rings to symbolize their time here at Dulaney. Following this tradition, a Ring dance takes place. However, due to uncertainties surrounding Covid, will it happen or not? Things seem to be improving and then rapidly declining, but by the time we get to Ring who knows where we will be. 

The Ring Dance is something that a lot of sophomores look forward to. The 2021-2022 school year Ring Dance could easily end up being like this year’s homecoming, which was hosted outside of the school in the parking lot during September. Homecoming was not a big hit and most students believed it was boring. Food was scarce with one or two food trucks at the scene. It also lacked activities and entertainment. There were also yard games like bean bag toss were strewn throughout the parking lot. Though there were a great number of students that attended, having it in the parking lot made it seem like there weren’t a lot of people. If the Ring dance were to be a similar experience, most students may not attend even if they bought rings. 

Homecoming and prom are dances that students look forward to, but Ring maybe not as much. How can we spread the word and invite more people to attend? This year’s Ring should include fun activities and fun foods. There could be a snowball truck, or just a variety of foods that will pull people in. Hopefully, if this dance is hosted inside, there will be lights, music and maybe games as well. Ring dance advertisements should start soon, so that others can be informed about it. Many sophomores might not know that there is a Ring dance, so it is important that we advertise it to the best of our abilities. The revenue from selling Ring tickets could also help fundraise for the class of 2024.

The only thing we can do is hope for the best, and hope that the sophomores get the chance to enjoy Ring. Sophomores haven’t had much of a high school experience due to Covid, so the least we can do is hope it doesn’t ruin our chances. Ring is supposed to be a fond memory of your high school years, so let’s make it happen!