Defending Trump’s agenda: Pipes, roads, bridges will fuel economy

Drew Persinger, Associate editor

As the realization of Donald Trump’s coming presidency sets in, Americans must unite to create an environment of positive change for the next four years. Trump’s policy on infrastructure will inspire bipartisan support for a country with improved transportation and employment for blue-collar workers.

Trump has consistently advocated for an upheaval and massive renovation to America’s infrastructure, a proposal that builds on the work of previous presidents. His website explains his vision, which is to “Pursue an ‘America’s Infrastructure First’ policy that supports investments in transportation, clean water, a modern and reliable electricity grid, telecommunications, security infrastructure and other pressing domestic infrastructure needs.”

While Obama’s platform also had a focus on infrastructure, Trump’s policy has new aspects that will enable him to better address this issue with a revived sense of urgency. He also plans to rely on private financing. Some are skeptical of this public-private partnership, but it is more economically sensible to take advantage of the nation’s private capital than to exhaust federal funds.

Trump will also limit the bureaucratic delays that cost American tax dollars. He will streamline approvals and cut spending, allowing him to follow through on many of President Obama’s infrastructure projects that failed to take off.
While Trump’s policies may be controversial, his strong plan for infrastructure will work.