Songs that correlate with college aesthetics

Madelena Lapinski, News Editor

Seniors, it is finally time to pose for pictures in ugly gowns, tear up over the friends we’ll miss and toss our caps in the air. Looking back at the last four years, or really 13 years, there was one constant through the tribulations and celebrations: music. While everyone’s paths fray in different directions from here on out, some of us are heading similar ways. Why not celebrate by bringing music and college together? Here are a few songs that remind me of specific college aesthetics. 

Many students gave into the appeal of the warm weather, going down south to colleges like University of North Carolina in Wilmington, University of South Carolina and University of Tampa, among others. When I imagine walking around campus and seeing the coast or palm trees, I hear the upbeat yet laid back vibes of “The Spins” by Mac Miller and “Babydoll” by Dominic Fike playing in the background. 

Traveling in the opposite direction, many students are heading North toward cold winters to schools like Northeastern University, Boston College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The cozy comfort of “Evermore” by Taylor Swift and “White Ferrari” by Frank Ocean are perfect for studying in a little nook by a window on a snowy day. 

Not only are we seeing our friends start their journeys in the South and North, but some are switching coasts. For those heading toward colleges like University of Southern California and University of California Santa Barbara, try listening to “Sol de Sur” by Sun Room and “No One” by Maoli. The light hearted Reggae coastal beat is perfect for a day of studying in the sun.

Finally, If you chose to stay closer to home, I understand. For those who are staying in Maryland or bordering states to attend colleges like University of Maryland, Towson University or Pennsylvania State University, there’s comfort in trying your own thing but always being able to come home. For this aesthetic, “Kids” by Current Joys and “Normal Girl” by SZA are songs that feel like home.