Senior’s soundtrack to summer

Molly Melito, Staff Writer

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, I wanted to provide the senior class with a list of songs that reminded them of the good times we’ve had through our childhoods until now. Hopefully these songs bring back those feelings of nostalgia and help end the year off right. They would make the perfect throwback soundtrack as we undergo graduation, senior week and summer in the next few weeks!

  1. All Star (Smash Mouth)

While this song likely played a significant role in each of our childhoods as just a catchy song, it also has a profound meaning behind it. It encourages us to pave our own ways in life and to not be afraid to go against the social norms in order to thrive as we grow up.

  1. Good Life (OneRepublic)

As we begin adulthood this song is a strong reminder that it’s important to continue living everyday to the fullest. Although the world likes to tell us who we should be, remember to always be your authentic self.

  1. Good Old Days (Macklemore)

The relatable lyrics of this song evoke a deep emotional connection to our past memories and upcoming future as it discusses reminiscing on the days in your hometown with your old friends you no longer see while encouraging us to live in the moment before everything changes.

  1. I’ll Always Remember You (Hannah Montana)

From the Disney Channel original show, Hannah Montana, this song is a reflection on the past four years of high school and the memories, good and bad, we have shared with each other that have led to our graduation day.

  1. Long Live (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift’s “Long Live” talks about an era of our lives coming to a close and the building blocks that have helped us along the way to bring us to where we are today. 

  1. Night Changes (One Direction)

This song is about seizing the moment and not being afraid to live your life while your young since it won’t last forever.

  1. Slipping Through My Fingers (Mamma Mia)

This song perfectly captures the feelings of a parent and child realizing the time is slipping away faster than ever before, while trying to hold onto the past and the memories it holds.

  1. The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

“The Climb” is a song about pursuing your goals and continuing to persevere through the tough times to reach the best days that lie ahead as long as you continue believing in yourself.

  1. Vienna (Billy Joel)

Billy Joel’s popular song “Vienna” is a gentle reminder that although its important to seize the day, there’s nothing wrong with stopping to smell the roses every once in a while. 

  1. Home (Phillip Phillips)

As we move onto the next phase in our lives, this song reminds us to not be afraid to step outside our comfort zones and embrace the opportunities that come with this new chapter.