Last message by the seniors

To The Dulaney Griffin,

As our third and final year of journalism comes to a close, we’d like to first thank you for the privilege and honor it has been writing for The Griffin. We first joined this class with a click of a button on our computers during the age of COVID. Without knowing much about the class, we all fell in love with the creativity and freedom we were given. From staff writer to section editor to editors-in-chief, we grew up in this class, finding our voices and the confidence to speak our minds. Even when there are those who would rather not hear the words you have to say, remember it is vital to the history that will shape our future. Journalism is the voice of the people, you are the advocates for not only yourself but the whole student body. So, to the future journalists: keep writing, keep discovering and never shy away from the uncomfortable.

Your Editors-in-Chief signing off,

Jackie, Cassie, & Erin