Senior Centerfold: Alex Mungo

Sophia Paranzino, Staff Writer

Recognizable from his many memorable roles in the theater productions at Dulaney,
Senior Alex Mungo has made quite an impact at this school. After he joined Dulaney his
sophomore year, the now president of the theater program has been involved in every production,
starting with “Peter and the Star-catcher”, then “High School Musical”, “Shakespeare in
Hollywood”, “City of Angels”, “Elf the Musical” and finally, “The Addams Family.”

Mungo said, “I love that I get the chance to tell stories that make people feel things.
Whether it be a comedy and people are laughing or a drama where they had to bring a box of
tissues, I love being able to take people away from the world they are in and bring them into the
one I, and my cast and crew create”.”

Mungo will pursue his acting ambitions after graduation as he is attending Towson
University to study acting and deaf studies.

Mungo said, “Well for me studying acting was a no brainer. I loved to do it more than
anything, so I charged ahead. The Deaf studies came later. I was always interested in sign
language ever since I took a course in my freshman year. Only recently however I realized the
incredible potential for overlap it had with theatre. American Sign Language is a beautiful and

expressive language that translates easily to acting and performance art. So naturally, doing both
just made sense.”

After college, Mungo hopes to join a theater company that blends sign language with
acting, singing and dancing, to reach deaf audiences.

While he will certainly go on to do great things in the theater community, Mungo will
always have Dulaney to thank for his growth as an actor.

Mungo said, “I think I’ve certainly grown as a performer. The shows I’ve done really pushed me
each in different ways. But I think the way I’ve grown most is as a leader. When I first got here, I
was nervous and unsure of myself in this school and in the theatre program. Now I’m the
president of the whole thing! Hopefully in my time here I’ve inspired others to follow their
passion for performing.”