John Krasinski has Some Good News

Miranda Parrish, Staff Writer

Widely popular “The Office” actor John Krasinski is back in the spotlight during the
Coronavirus outbreak through his new show, “Some Good News.” Inspired by the negative
stories that traditional news networks cover, “Some Good News” was made to highlight the
positivity and goodness in the world through outstanding acts of kindness as well as surprise
Krasinski’s first episode, uploaded on March 29, highlights Coco, a 15-year-old whose video of
a surprise line of cars to celebrate her last round of chemotherapy went viral. He interviews her
online as she walks through how amazing and heartfelt it was. His first episode was also
celebrated by his longtime friend and fellow actor Steve Carrell. The two reminisced over video
about their time filming “The Office” as the show celebrated their 15 th anniversary.
His show is uploaded each week and includes a wide variety of guests. From Brad Pitt and Ryan
Reynolds as weather correspondents, to Oprah Winfrey and Malala Yousafzai giving advice to
the class of 2020, to cooking tips from David Chang and Martha Stewart, Krasinski keeps the
audience well entertained and leaves them feeling happy and wholesome.
Each week’s show highlights different cheery events, but the core idea remains the same: a part
of the week that reminds us that there is good in the world and even in the shadows there is still
positivity. The first episode alone has been viewed over 17 million times and has received an
enormous fan following.
Krasinski also shows how to turn negative comments into humor. The opening for the show has
a globe spinning counterclockwise, and when critics called him out on the discrepancy, he
sarcastically read some of the comments on his show. He then corrected his mistake with a fan’s
digital video opener, portraying a correctly spinning globe and Krasinski dancing in the top half
of a suit he wears on the show and smiley face printed boxer shorts. By facing the criticism in
this way he shows the importance of spreading positivity instead of negativity, especially during
these times.
He was also the first to host a virtual prom, as well as graduation for his followers. He dressed up
the background in gold streamers and dressed himself up in a tuxedo to commemorate the class
of 2020 and their nonexistent prom.
By the end of each episode Krasinski installs a glimpse of hope as well as delight into the homes
of the viewers. The comedy and the stories are heartwarming and very appreciative during the
time of uncertainty. Krasinski yet again leaves his viewers laughing and happy during a time of