Dark show brings light to Netflix

Sam Harsel, Staff writer

The future has been depicted by many film producers through the years but none seem more accurate then Black Mirror.

Black Mirror is a British produced television show that originally was on Channel 4 in Britain but then Netflix took it over and now is a Netflix series.

Black Mirror reminds me of The Twilight Zone where it is a show based off of near future events. What I mean by near future is events or gadgets that realistically can happen to the world within 100 years. In season one episode three “The Entire History of You” is about a device we all have where we can play back what our eyes have seen and project them on a screen to watch. The main character replays an interview he had earlier in the day, to analyze how it went, he shows his friend and gets their opinions.

The storylines captivate the viewer within seconds, with the dark and gloomy music in the background, and the close-ups on the faces of the characters. With close ups on the characters you can get a very accurate feel of their current emotions

What makes Black Mirror so unique is episodes don’t follow one another in storylines. Every new episode is a completely new cast and storyline with a completely new idea on a possible future event. The very first episode “The National Anthem” is about the princess being captured and being held hostage. The next episode “Fifteen Million Meters” is about a world where we are all in one building and we have very little access to much, except when the characters wake up they can ride a stationary bike to earn merits. If you get enough merits you can audition for a talent show, but this talent show isn’t your ordinary talent show.

Black Mirror has no so called “happy endings.” It seems every episode ends the way you didn’t want it to end. Black Mirror takes on very dark topics and sometimes scenes can get overwhelming. In all episodes of Black Mirror there are no happy endings. You will see hearts being broken, fights between colleagues, and loved ones dying. The darkness affect is an acquired taste which will either deter you from watching are draw one in wanting for more.

There have only been three seasons of this Netflix drama, but that was enough to keep the viewers wanting more. Season 4 has been confirmed and will most likely come out in the autumn of 2017. The near-future events held in Black Mirror has been such a success and has taken its way up the leaderboard in Netflix dramas.

Have you ever wondered what life will be like in the future? Black Mirror is a perfect visual of what life may just look like in the near future.