The Griffin

Teachers cope with sleep deprivation

Emma Walz, Managing editor

March 17, 2017

According to a pen-and-paper survey administered to 52 teachers last month, the majority of teachers here, 76 percent, say that lack of sleep has affected how they work and teach. Social studies teacher Julie Marx isn’t surprised by this statistic, attributing sleep deprivation to her weary behavior...

Adjusting to new reality: renovation debate 2.0

Meera Rothman, Editor in Chief

March 17, 2017

The school board’s rejection of the bid for a $40-million renovation of the school came as a surprise to principal Sam Wynkoop. “I knew there was support there,” Wynkoop said. “I knew what people were asking for, but I had visions of coming in the next day and finalizing plans for renovations.” He...

Debating what—if anything—to do about cellphones

Science teacher Marty Stranathan talks with students about the cellphone policy Nov. 11. Students were encouraged to give their own opinions on the policy and try to come up with possible alternatives to the current mandate.

Tirzah Khan, Managing editor

March 17, 2017

Science teacher Marty Stranathan isn’t the biggest fan of cellphones being used in school. “Six hours a day without an electronic device is not that big a deal,” he said. “I don’t think students are showing enough self-restraint to give them the freedom to walk around the halls with their...

Survey shows widespread sleep deficit

Survey shows widespread sleep deficit

Doria Diacogiannis and Grace Knotts

March 17, 2017

Sophomore Eddie Jancuk admits to planning his sleep schedule – but it happens to fall within the school day, not at home. “I usually fall asleep in most of my classes. I try to pick out the times I can fall asleep at,” he said. Jancuk follows a trend found in the pen-and-paper student slee...

Team triumphs physics competition

Juniors Daniel Park, Madhav Patel, Daniel O’Donnell, Ryamond Zhou, Alex Osbolt and Kyle Pichney compete in the counties Physics Olympics competition that took place Feb. 25. 
The team won the  competition, which is the first time in many years that a team from here has taken the victory.

Sophie Bates, Editor in chief

February 28, 2017

Minorities lack representation

Guidance department chairman John Komosa works at his desk Dec. 12.

Amanda Musolf, Editor in Chief

February 17, 2017

Senior Tevian Whitehurst sees a pattern in his Advanced Placement classes. “It looks Caucasian and Asian,” Whitehurst said of his average AP class. “I’m the only black male in any of my classes. If there have been other black people in my AP classes they’ve been girls.” Whitehurst,...

DeWALT donates tools for HVAC students

Technical ed. chairman Jamie Gaskin (left) and DeWALT Field Marketing Coordinator Anthony Harris (right) flank the period 1A HVAC 3 Honors class Feb. 17 following Harris’s corporate donation of roughly $16,000 in tools. Principal Sam Wynkoop (center) joined the class for the announcement. The addition of the tools will allow students to work more efficiently since they will no longer need to wait for tools to recharge, Gaskin said. Harris said he read about the HVAC program in a newspaper and wanted to help prepare students for jobs in the field after high school.

Adam Zimmerman, Staff writer

February 17, 2017


Teacher book study opens dialogue on equity in education

Teachers had the option to participate in online discussions after reading chapters of “Whistling Vivaldi” by Claude M. Steele.

Jason Fontelieu, Deputy editor

February 15, 2017

The need for book studies like the one he and 37 other teachers engaged in last semester is oh so real, social studies chairman Tom Maranville said. “Whether it’s Hispanics or African Americans or females or jocks or artistic people, everyone is always doubting their abilities,” Maranville said....

FBLA convenes, wins big

Joanne Bolonda, vice president of field sales at KIND snacks  speaks at the Future Business Leaders of America Regional Conference in the auditorium here Jan. 20. Bolanda explained how her firm uses consumer marketing to create new snacks their customers truly want.

Julie Chotivatanapong, Editor in chief

February 15, 2017

More than thirty Future Business Leaders of America members earned first place during competitions at their conference here Jan. 20. Saying he was proud and excited, FBLA sponsor Pat Holt praised students for their success. “We help, we teach and do all those things, but the reality is teachers come...

BCPS One cards axed

The sign on the doors in the main office hallway aims to deter students from letting others inside the building. Students are still being let in by teachers and their peers, an anonymous source reported.

Grace Gary, Staff writer

February 15, 2017

Although they were initially touted as a high-tech method for taking attendance and maintaining security, BCPS One cards won’t be employed here. “They have pulled the plug on that and it is finished,” principal Sam Wynkoop said. Security should be strengthened by the school’s renovation, set...

Students, teachers hit streets of Washington

Sophomore Grace Guildener, junior Brynn Handley and senior Christina Panousos display banners for the B1 demonstration in Washington Feb. 1.

Meera Rothman and Meher Hans

February 15, 2017

Senior Michael Gonglewski and sophomore Annaliese Colins each set their alarms for 5 a.m. the week of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Gonglewski, a long-time supporter of the new president, headed to D.C. Jan. 20 for the swearing in ceremony.  Colins trekked to D.C. for a different reason—the...