The differences between Dulaney’s dances

Mariana Rosenstiel, Staff Writer

In the midst of AP tests, exams and senior graduation, Dulaney is holding three dances in the upcoming month: ring dance, junior prom and prom. But what makes each dance unique? 

Sophomore ring dance is “the first grade exclusive dance and a great way to become comfortable in your school environment,” says Aditi Desai, the sophomore class President. 

This year’s ring dance introduced unique features that weren’t included in previous ring dances: a student artwork exhibition, a teacher artwork auction and a breakout room. The auction made $120 and the ticket sales made $2,000. Ultimately, Desai says “the class of 2025 can continue to participate in such activities.”

On April 29, junior prom will be held here at Dulaney high school. To make the celebration the best it could be, junior class President Alyssa Alvarez and the rest of the council set up a photo booth, which is completely free to the person who is being photographed. In addition, if the person who is being photographed would like, they will receive a free electronic and paper copy! 

Alvarez says that she views junior prom as “a celebration of making it through junior year which a lot of people, myself included, believe to be the toughest year of high school.”

Another iconic Dulaney dance is prom, which will take place at The Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, where prom is traditionally held. At the dance, Caroline Lee, the senior class Vice President, says that the food provided will include an “ice cream bar, Italian food and Mexican food.” With help from the class of 2023 advisors, Mr. Velten and Ms. Heaps, Lee and the rest of the council want to “set up a space for photos and decorate with Great Gatsby themed items!” 

While each dance features many different themes, decorations and elements, the class council members agree that they all share one thing: an opportunity to have fun with friends!