Positivity drives captain

Doria Diacogiannis, Editor in Chief

Sixteen years ago, senior Alli Hill, dressed in her Barbie tennis outfit, began playing her now-favorite sport.

After four years of playing on the tennis team here, her personality on and off the court has made lasting impressions.

“Alli is so bubbly and enthusiastic, and she’s really good at boosting morale. If you’re within a couple feet of Alli, you’re automatically in a better mood,” teammate sophomore Anna Boland said.

As captain of the team this year, Hill encourages smiles and positive attitudes from her teammates, as she credits her own optimism and positivity to her success on the court.

“Whenever I mess up, I just act really happy. I’ll never get visibly upset during a match because I know when I get upset the opponent thinks, ‘oh mentally she’s done,’” Hill said. “If they’re being really rude I’ll be like ‘thanks for the ball’ and smile. It really grinds their gears.”

Hill is known for spicing up her game and attitude by singing songs from the radio.

“All of counties, regionals and states sophomore year I sang ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea,” Hill said.

Her teammates cite Hill’s consistently positive mindset as essential to the team.

Hill hopes that fiercer competition will help the team’s performance this season.

“Having people that make you work and get better will make us better when we have to play that competition at a higher stake,” Hill said. “I’d rather lose to someone that’s really good and get the practice of playing someone like that than win an easy match.”