Athletes to watch: Sophomore perseveres

Griffin Tunison , Staff Writer

Sophomore James Fitzsimmons adores the sport of wrestling and values the intensity and passion that comes with the sport. Fitzsimmons is one of the three captains on the team this year.
It didn’t take long for Fitzsimmons to fall in love with the sport, he has been wrestling since he was a little kid and attending clinics, camps and out of school programs.
Coach Scott Asher admires the leadership that Fitzsimmons brings to the team.
“He is always willing to show and moves to the JV wrestlers. He is able to explain the positions and how to break the moves down so they understand them,” said Asher.
Fitzsimmons fell short of qualifying for the state tournament last season. He is now as determined as ever to reach that goal and believes he has had the proper preparation to get himself to that position. Fitzsimmons is focused on “winning one match at a time,” he said.
Fitzsimmons realizes his importance to the wrestling program and is determined to perform well for both himself and his teammates.
“James is a great wrestler who comes in before others to set up the mats and cares about the team as a whole,” said teammate Noah Dow.
Dow also mentioned Fitzsimmons’ exceptional work ethic that has allowed him to get where he is now.
The sport of wrestling requires maximum concentration and skill in order to be successful. Fitzsimmons’ hours of practices and preparation have aided him in his success.
With most of the wrestling starting lineup graduating last year, Fitzsimmons expects the team to “grow a lot” and for “the kids who weren’t starting last year to step up.” Fitzsimmons gets his motivation from upperclassmen with their work ethic and dedication to the sport.
“They are always pushing me and the rest of the team to work harder in the room,” said Fitzsimmons.
One of Fitzsimmons’ favorite things about the Dulaney wrestling program is the culture that has been built within the team. Winning isn’t always their number one priority, instead they focus more on about developing skills as a wrestler and an athlete.
“The wins will come if you’re focused on the right stuff,” said Fitzsimmons.
Fitzsimmons continues on his journey to the state match, getting better by day. Fitzsimmons makes Dulaney Wrestling better both on the mat and off, making him the true definition of a Dulaney athlete. Fitzsimmons hope to continue his so far very successful Dulaney Wrestling career.