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Photographer snares nature shots

Emlyn Langlieb and Emily Williams

Ever since he was young, senior Joodh Waleedh has enjoyed art, but photography was special. On his family visits to the Maldives, he was frequently asked to snap photos of his family in front of countless picturesque landscapes.

But Waleedh was more interested in the scene than the people.

“My mom would always shout at me for not taking pictures of her and everyone else,” Waleedh said.
Waleedh fully dived into the world of photography his sophomore year when he purchased a Canon 1200D, joined photography club and started watching YouTube videos to learn more techniques. Although he doesn’t always have the optimal equipment, that doesn’t stop him from taking advanced shots.

“I remember one night I took my music stand and some rubber bands and attached my DSLR into the stand to take pictures of the moon and stars,” he said.

Some of his most memorable moments came during vacations, he said.

“I get really excited on the inside and I freak out. I can get an amazing photo and my parents always stare at me like I’m crazy,” he said.

Waleedh recalls one night when he stayed in an isolated cabin in North Carolina and stayed up late to get the perfect picture of the stars. Another time in White Mountain National Forest, he improvised by using sunglasses to get the shot he wanted.

Waleedh displays his photographs on his Instagram under the account name “a_lonely_traveler.” Only three months after he created it, Waleedh’s account hit 1,000 followers.

Followers and friends alike note Waleedh’s exceptional talent.

“Joodh is able to capture the essence of the beauty of the moment,” senior Jessica Yan said.

Though many teachers haven’t seen Waleedh’s photos, they note his pensive and creative personality.

“He is very deep and insightful. And I can’t imagine what kind of pictures he is making,” French teacher Bella Nabutovsky said.

While he may not pursue photography as a profession, Waleedh said he will continue taking pictures as a hobby.

Waleedh’s tips on how to take a good photo:

  1. Evaluate light source
  2. Use the rule of thirds
  3. Have a clear focus
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