an artist among us: Photographer explores fashion in Paris


Anna Simoes, Staff Writer

Photography is one of the top growing art forms of this generation, as seen on social media and other digital platforms. Senior Sasha Howard came to love photography from none other than the popular photo sharing app, Instagram.

“I would always see these amazing pictures on my explore page that I wanted to recreate. Then I started coming up with my own ideas,” Howard said.

Instagram piqued her interest, but Howard has evolved as a photographer due to her trip to Paris this summer through the photography program “Parsons Paris.” This experience provided an outlook into a diverse array of styles, developed her artistic skills and allowed her to lear techniques for future photos.

“I was able to see a lot of different people’s works and styles. Being in an environment where everyone was passionate about their art was so inspiring,” Howard said.

While in Paris, Howard took insightful pictures illustrating the culture and riveting Parisian scenes with contrasts between the movements and still poses of people. Howard described Paris as the Mecca of fashion and photography, and her learning experience there as a testament to the skills taught.

Howard is drawn to pictures with people in them, hence she tends to direct photo-shoots with models. She organizes and prepares the photo-shoot by telling the model what to do, where to stand and how to look. Howard wants to be able to depict a story with her pictures and with people this is easier to portray.

“I like to make my pictures and almost always set things up, they’re rarely 100% candid,” Howard said.

Howard’s interest in different art forms lends well to photography, as she is able to combine all of these together into one creative picture.

“I love painting, drawing, collage and fashion. I always try to connect them. I take pictures of fashion, collage my pictures and draw things inside of them.” Howard said.

Howard has developed pictures that combine all of her artistic strengths, but being young, she has the ability to continue to learn and grow.

“If you don’t try different things and see what works then you never improve,” Howard said.