An Artist Among Us: historical movie fanatic pursues acting career


Miranda Parrish, Staff Writer

Growing up watching old television shows, senior Shannon Trageser has always loved movies and the making of them.

“I started acting because I used to watch ‘I Love Lucy’ when I was little and I was inspired about how she made so many people happy,” Trageser said. “I just thought that was really cool and so I wanted to do that.”

She started acting in fifth grade, starring in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory in elementary school.

“I was Mike Tevee’s mom, and I wanted the part because I was the last girl to be on stage, so I would be in it the entire time but only had like six lines,” she said.

Following her fifth grade debut, she fell in love with acting. Starring in every Dulaney play, she’s played everything from interactive roles to ones on stage, and credits all of the play choices to theater teacher Tammi Moon.

“She always picks a really great play that everyone can enjoy,” Trageser said. “Even if you’re going into it and are like ‘I don’t know about this.’ It works out great and the cast is wonderful.”

When asked what performance she most enjoyed
Her focus shifted to old Hollywood movies later on, inspired by the actress Doris Day.

“I saw her in Calamity Jane and she did a bunch of dances on stage in a 1953 movie,” Trageser said. “She was this really strong woman, doing whatever she wanted in the 1800s, portraying herself as she wanted and I thought that was really cool. I kind of got hooked onto her and I wrote her a letter and she wrote me one back.”

She aims to pursue acting in college, hoping to either study at the University of Kingston or the University of East London, both located in London, to focus on the arts.

“All of them would train you really well in theater, and they’re all focused on the arts. I’d really love that and appreciate that,” Trageser said of the two colleges.

Trageser’s passion for theater was largely inspired by two legendary actresses of the silver screen.

“A quote I live by is ‘If I can act I want out the world to know it, if I can’t act I want to know it’ by Katharine Hepburn,” she said. “Katharine Hepburn and Lauren Becall really inspire me and encourage me to do the thing I love.”