Artist Among Us: Pan Explores Photography


Katherine Schutzman, Staff Writer

There are endless forms of art with which one can express themselves. For senior Payton Pan, using photography to capture the beauty of the world around him is how he enjoys filling his free time. Pan began to discover his love for photography a few years ago when he received a camera from his cousin. He enjoyed experimenting and learning how to use his camera, and started taking photography classes at Dulaney in his sophomore year.

Pan is currently taking AP Photography. His main area of interest where photography is concerned is nature and environmental scenery. However, Pan noted that he’s always open to expanding his horizons.

“It’s always fun to experiment with new things,” Pan says. “There’s always genres that I can push the limits and try new things.”

Pan enjoys sharing his work for others to see. He has his own website,, that features multiple collections of his photos. He also occasionally teaches classes and enters his work into shows.

“I think it can be inspiring for all parties,” Pan says.

Outside of photography, Pan enjoys other extracurricular activities. He is a scout and a member of the Dulaney tennis team. 

As for continuing photography in the future, Pan says he may go into the journalism field, where he could pursue other interests alongside his passion for photography.