Artist among us: Grace Overcash

Lily Hemmeter, Features Editor

Dulaney High School is full of talented and passionate artists. Senior Grace Overcash is a prime example. From her very first drawing of an adorable panda bear, it was clear that art would be a major part of her life.

Since that first drawing, Overcash has honed her skills by taking art classes every year. She enjoys having a relaxing period in the school day where she can just be creative without having to think too much. Her growth has not only been exhibited in the quality of her work, but in her confidence as well.

Overcash says, “Before I used to keep it [my artistic talent] a little hidden and not tell a lot of people, but now, for instance, I’m doing interviews about it. I’m fine with showing it off.”

As an AP Studio student, Overcash has experimented with a variety of mediums including colored pencils, oil paint and linoleum block printing, but her current favorites are acrylic and graphite. Most artists also gravitate towards certain genres, and for Overcash, this is surrealism; she finds it to be the most interesting style to observe and produce because of the new perspectives and combinations that can be explored.

Overcash takes a personal approach to each artwork she produces. 

“I definitely start with taking inspiration from what’s going on in my life. If my life is a little crazy, a little hectic, normally my pieces reflect that,” says Overcash.

Of course, she does occasionally face artist block, making it difficult to come up with creative ideas, which is one area that Overcash wishes to improve upon.

Despite the disruption of online school, she continued to make artwork from home. In fact, the piece Overcash is most proud of was created during the pandemic. She drew a light bulb in colored pencil, and it was the first time she experimented with shading in unconventional colors. This particular piece caught the attention of her art teacher, Ms. Fiat, and was even featured in Dulaney’s literary magazine, “Sequel”.

As the end of her high school career approaches, Overcash is looking forward to her next steps as a young artist.

“I ideally would like to have a minor in some sort of art degree just because I feel like art will always be part of my life…If I could have a career in it that would be crazy, that would be awesome, but it’s probably my little fallback,” says Overcash.

Whatever the future has in store for her, it is clear that Overcash will continue to make the Dulaney community proud with her undeniable artistic talent.