The Griffin

Departments cope with decreasing budget

Maria Eberhart, Editor-in-chief

January 9, 2019

Dulaney’s operating budget has steadily declined since the 2015-16 school year despite consistent enrollment and increasing structural issues. The operating budget, which is specifically apportioned for supplies, materials and other various services, is determined by Baltimore County Public Schools us...

Laptops: necessity or accessory?

Laptops: necessity or accessory?

Anna Mason, Editor-in-chief

January 9, 2019

Following the Baltimore County school board’s approval of a $140 million technology contract with Daly Computers in April 2018, laptops were issued to the student body, in its entirety, approximately three weeks after the start of the school year. The program seeks to expand a pre-existing four-year-old...

Eating disorders rates amongst teens escalate

Olivia Summons, Editor-in-chief

January 7, 2019

For an anonymous junior, feeling consumed by personal body image issues has compromised their ability to perform both in school and in life. “Some people I know just don’t like themselves and they can’t cope with that,” the anonymous student said. Kate Clemmer, licensed clinical social...

Google ban detrimental to productivity

Geoffrey Dochat and Morgan Pierce

January 7, 2019

Baltimore County Public School’s recent decision to block popular search engine Google has left students like junior Phuong Nguyen struggling to efficiently access reliable and relevant information. “It makes it [challenging] for me to do research, and it takes longer to use other sites like Bing,”...

Zeroes foster motivation

Ethan Samels and Dylan McCabe

January 7, 2019

Changes to Baltimore County Public School’s mastery grading policy have culminated in significant ramifications for students and teachers alike. Previously, incomplete assignments received a low score code (LS), indicating a 50 percent in the gradebook, even if the work was never attempted. The policy,...

Extended day debated

Rochelle Shubinsky and Maddie Essig

January 7, 2019

Next year, the school day will be extended by 15 minutes, a decision made by county officials in response to a school-wide failure to meet the required amount of county-mandated hours of instruction. Baltimore County Public Schools faculty and staff gathered Nov. 27 to discuss implementation. Currently...

Evaluating political apathy

Evaluating political apathy

Maria Eberhart and Anna Mason

October 31, 2018

Economics teacher Lynda Motiram was not surprised by students’ apparent lack of political awareness. “They don’t see their congressman, they don’t know what legislation affects their lives, or what’s up to debate,” Motiram said. “The government is not for teenagers.” In a spot survey...

Schoology: teachers adapt

October 31, 2018

While “creative, accessible, innovative and intuitive” are the words that have been fed to teachers and students about Schoology, stakeholders have endured their fair share of qualms. Since the introduction of Schoology, which has been fully implemented in Baltimore County Public Schools since the...

Second language learners lack necessary support

Anna Boland and Ankith Hiremath

October 31, 2018

Dulaney students learning English as a second language find themselves caught between two less-than-ideal options: they can either attend Parkville High, an unfamiliar school with a specialized language program, or stay at Dulaney, their home school that lacks sufficient resources to support them. While...

Teachers grapple with finances

Rochelle Shubinsky and Madelyn Essig

October 31, 2018

Faculty and staff received a seven-question survey Sept. 7 regarding the sudden decline in teacher retention. The influx of teacher truancy has been associated with factors such as salary and workload. Spanish teacher Maureen Burke expressed her discontent with the current teacher income. “The...

Words with Wynkoop

Maria Eberhart, Editor-in-Chief

October 31, 2018

Q: What’s your initial outlook for this school year with the implementation of new policy and foreboding change? A: I would definitely identify it as a year of transition. The good news is that the transitions aren’t unprecedented. For example, the establishment of the computers- they’ve been...

Revamped science curriculum introduced

Emma Shannon, Staff Writer

May 29, 2018

To kick off the new science curriculum, half of next year’s student body will be walking through the front doors to an entirely different set of science classes. Maryland has approved a new state curriculum called the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), with an emphasis on crosscutting concepts,...