Seek activities that fulfill

Kirsten Roys, Grade 11

Dear Editor,
Why do so many students participate in clubs or activities that they are simply not interested in? I often hear peers rejoicing when a club or practice is cancelled, and I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a part of something that doesn’t appeal to them. Nearly every student you speak to will say that they are a member of multiple clubs/sports. Is there an ulterior motive here? Are students out to pad their résumé or fluff up their college application? It seems like the desire to meet these standards has been taken too far.
People should join clubs for personal enjoyment or to help others, not to selfishly help themselves in their college search. It’s immoral to enter a club or take up an officer position for the sole purpose of attempting to make yourself seem like a more qualified applicant.
Many years ago, I heard the expression “joie de vie”—joy of life—and I’ve tried to carry this within me. Joie de vie is described as applying to one’s whole being, and it can brighten your day and influence those around you. Although students usually enjoy a few of their after-school activities, the rest are often not of interest to them.
My proposed solution: do what makes you happy.