Response to: “Ugh…Jimmy Fallon”

Cooper Woest, Staff Writer

Dear Editor,  

I would like to offer my opinion and an additional perspective surrounding the views expressed in the article “Ugh…Jimmy Fallon” Nov 22. While I find most of the points addressed in the article valid, such as the question and answer format of Fallon’s show, I believe that the article only focused on the flaws of his interviewing skills instead of what makes “The Tonight Show” one of the most watched shows in the late-night time slot. While Fallon does struggle at times to exercise advanced interviewing skills compared to Conan, James Corden, and Graham Norton, I believe that he exhibits talent to continue the legacy of legendary hosts of the original late-night show.  

Additionally, I would like to reference the final paragraph of the article, where the “games” Fallon plays are mentioned. It is common for late-night hosts to fill time in their show with segments that do not contain interviews. For example, James Corden plays “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”, and Jimmy Kimmel is constantly pulling people off Hollywood Blvd., to play games in a game show format. So, to describe Fallon as “a spineless shell” is unfair because of his similarities to many other late-night hosts. Fallon has continued to lead ratings among late-night shows, from what many accredit to a unique theme and a high level of respect from viewers and other notable names in show business.  

Cooper Woest, grade 11