Letter to the Editor: Baltimore County Superintendent Announces Reopening Timeline, Immediately Revaluates

Mingni Dong, Grade 9

Dear Editor,

     I would like to provide some student input on the reopening timeline discussed in “Baltimore County Superintendent Announces Reopening Timeline, Immediately Revaluates”. I believe that the timeline Superintendent Williams released, “setting dates for returning to classrooms much sooner than the previously announced January 29,2020 Date” is unrealistic and shows irresponsibility. 

I agree with the teachers that are critical of Dr. Williams plan. Immediately revising the timeline showed that clearly the timeline clearly was not thought out to begin with. While I understand that students with disabilities face obstacles with virtual learning, I do not believe that rushing to return them to school is a safe or well-thought-out plan. The sudden redaction shows me that not enough preparation has been done to ensure that the students’ return to school will be a safe one. I also agree with teacher Karen Wilson’s consideration of extra funding. Reopening schools would be an expensive endeavor, and I doubt that BCPS has the resources to do it so soon. I believe it would be more beneficial to wait and reopen schools when BCPS can fully ensure that students will be safe. 

Furthermore, I believe that the January 29 2021 start date is far too soon. As a student, I am not comfortable returning to schools until it can be guaranteed that I will be in a safe environment. Setting January 29 as a return date does not provide adequate time for this, especially since during the winter months coronavirus cases will likely increase. 

Given our current situation, I believe that our school system is not in the position to reopen schools. Rushing the reopening process will only compromise the safety of the students and teachers.

Mingni Dong, Grade 9