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Reevaluate heating policy

Jules Dotterweich, grade 11

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Dear Editor,

It was Sunday night and Baltimore County had just made the call to cancel schools the next day. I recall opening my email and seeing a message from my varsity soccer coach, Aaron Velky. From the subject of the email, “I hate being told what to do,” I could tell he was furious that we would be missing another day of school, which meant missing another day of practice.
The new heat policy not only affects learning, but also disrupts athletics. The many other high schools that remain open on these hot days have the chance to practice and improve while we are restrained from all activities just because our school doesn’t have air conditioning.
When Baltimore County cancels schools, it hinders our opportunity to practice and get better while our opponents are. We should remain open on hot days. Even though conditions may be uncomfortable, the benefit of staying open greatly outweighs the benefit of closing. With staying open, students are given the chance to continue practicing just as most other high school students.
As a student, I would much rather deal with a hot school day that sacrifices my learning and practice for a day to sit around at home. Baltimore County needs to alter their policy so that school cannot be cancelled on and given hot day at the beginning or end of the school year.

– Jules Dotterweich, grade 11

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