Calling all potential scientists!

Gabrielle Cassini, Staff Writer

Standby future scientists of Dulaney High School! Current 8th grade students and the underclassmen at DHS have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the rigorous science courses offered at Dulaney. On Tuesday Feb. 21 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Satellite Cafeteria the science department will present the ambitious AP Science pathway to potential parents and students. Featured classes include AP Biology, taught by Marci Phillips, and AP Environmental Science, instructed by Eric Benjamin. Phillips and Benjamin are expected to attend and provide key information, detailing the coursework and class expectations. 

Stephen Shaw, the Science Department Chair urges students to attend to get an understanding of their opportunities at Dulaney. 

“I want people to know what their options are. I want them to get a feel for Dulaney, and equate doing cool science with it,” says Shaw.

While garnering information about the science courses at DHS, expect to meet people equipped to assist you in exploring the opportunities of the future. 

Additionally, Shaw has strived to enlighten students over the past decade for this event and says, “There’s an excitement level I try to bring to engage people about Dulaney High School, and speak some reality to what they can anticipate in terms of these classes.”

Students are encouraged to bring a parent, ask questions and engage themselves for what could be the core of their next four years of high school.