Top 10 movies of 2017


Johnny Chen, Staff Writer

Ever since Johnny Chen watched his first Disney movie, he has been interested in a wide variety of action and horror movies, as well as video games. These are his own opinions of those that he has watched, and there are plenty that he has failed to watch, so keep that in mind.

1.“It” – A horror thriller based on a Stephen King novel that incorporated different themes relating to fear, bravery, and friendship. On the surface, it was a movie that kept the audience on their toes constantly with fascinating jump scares at every corner and a clown villain that successfully portrays a feeling of suspense every time he makes an appearance on the screen, but deeper within, it is a movie that delivers a strong message on how friendship can overcome our fears.

2.“Get Out” – A mystery thriller that dives deep into the themes of racial conflict. An unexpected spin was brought upon by the possessing of black bodies by white minds, and ultimately, the unexpectedness of every corner for a man trying to escape brought an aura of suspense.

3.“Logan” – The first science fiction movie of the list is also the movie that led to the death of two iconic X-men characters. With an action-packed plot and an emotional death to two of the most loved and famous characters in Marvel history.

4.“The Mummy” – A thrilling movie that follows the adventures of a man who attempted to sacrifice himself for a loved one as well as an Egyptian princesses trying to release an Egyptian God. Filled with action and mythical creatures, “The Mummy” successfully keeps the audience on their toes at all times.

5.“Rings” – Following up a thriller with another horror thriller, “Rings” comes next on the list. Based on a Japanese book and movie, “Rings” does not incorporate any themes for the reader. Although it is rated quite low on certain sites, I enjoyed the movie just for the horror that it provided me (if this was a top 10 on scariest movies of 2017, “Rings” would be on the top of my list).

6.“Spider-man: Homecoming” – Quite funny, and the humor was kind of similar to Dead pool. Although it was dull and similar to other cliché superhero movies, there were moments that I enjoyed.

7.“Beauty and the Beast” – Emma Watson. That’s basically it, and a decent story between two unlikely lovers.

8.“Thor: Ragnarok” – And Thor and Hulk is back with another action-packed movie. However, just like most super hero movies, it is quite cliché and I felt like I was having déjà vu while watching it.

9.“Wonder Woman” – A movie oriented around a female superhero – that’s quite new. However, the plot was not extremely exciting, and Wonder Woman really does not have great super powers that give a sense of satisfaction to viewers.

10.“Justice League” – Another cliché superhero movie that has little to none character development and ends with the thwarting of a super villain. Give us something new!