Top 10 words of 2016

Top 10 words of 2016

Emily Levitt, staff writer

As a regular word-user, I find great fascination with the purpose they serve. How with a single sting of letters and syllables, you can extract a difference an impetuous king and an intelligent one. Words dictate everything in our lives from information to emotions to rationales to ideas to descriptions. This past year can be summed up by the following collection of words:

10.) Explosive:

Early this year, North Korea performed its fourth and fifth nuclear tests in closed test sites, each more detrimental than the last. It was unsettling but produced many interesting memes.

9.) Independent:

Besides Great Britain’s successful secession from the European Union due to economic differences, the year has seen the formation of separate careers for each member of former band One Direction.

8.) Infectuous:

The devastating Zika Virus swept across South America and many circulating regions, spreading rapidly and causing fear. Other major outbreaks this year include the Avian virus, the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, and the Influenza at the Human-Animal Interface

7.) Mournful:

2016 bid farewell to may legends. Just a few are David Bowie, Prince, and Harper Lee.

6.) Athletic:

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad transpired in Rio, a highlight of the messy year. Successfully, the US brought home a victorious 121 medals.

5.) Surprising:

Underdog President-elect Donald Trump was victorious over Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. He will be the first ever leader of the United States with no political or military experience.

4.) Destructive:

Hurricane Matthew blew in at full force in the southeastern coastline and Caribbean. Also, the Italian Earthquake shook records with its 6.2 magnitude rating.

3.) Peaceful:

Sike. Not exactly a peaceful year, but Juan Manuel Santos did receive the Nobel Peace Prize for “his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end” in Columbia.

2.) Hopeless:

Hollywood suffered some devastating break-ups. If Brangelina couldn’t even make it through, how are the rest of us expected to reach the New Year.

1.) Cursing:

With recovery from this disastrous year a major resolution come Jan. 1, its impact will be hard to forget. It doesn’t help that Merriam-Webster assigned our favorite word starting with the 6th letter of the alphabet as the most used word for 2016