Top 10 TV shows of 2016


Nicholas Enoch, Staff Writer

TV shows are what my childhood was for the last 17 years and to this day I still watch TV, from cooking shows like “Chopped” to blue-humor animation comedies like “American Dad!” And even strategy-based reality TV shows like “Big Brother”. The type of genre I enjoy the most are cooking shows because I’m enjoy cooking and baking, which is one of my favorite hobbies to do outside of school. I usually watch these types of shows after school when I have free time and now has become an obsession of mine. These Top 10 TV shows are a combination of cooking shows, reality shows, and animated comedies:

  1. The Simpsons”: For me, “The Simpsons” is the classic icon of animated televisions shows that has been on the air since 1991. To this day, I still watch “The Simpsons”, but not as often or as frequently. Since season 20 aired, the show has gotten a little repetitive, but still, I generally enjoy it.
  2. “Family Guy”: “Family Guy” is another television show that has been on air for a long time, actually since 1999. This show has brought me joy and happiness when I got home from school, but, this show has gotten stale and is in need for better and more creative ideas. I’m saying its worse than “The Simpsons”, but the show could use some fresh and more original ideas.
  3. South Park”: “South Park” is one of those shows that makes me question what is going on with the world, which I really find hysterical. Everything that South Park does is like a parody of what’s going on in the world, mocking celebrities, current events, etc. However, South Park, for me, has gotten a little plain and almost expected, but it is surely better than the last two shows.
  4. Bob’s Burgers”: This show is one that I had just recently started watching and I find that the best decision I’ve ever made. With countless jokes, serious moments, and the Belcher family to make the episodes last longer, “Bob’s Burgers” is a great show, but definitely has its flaws. One flaw I have found is that the story drags on, making the episode last longer than it should.
  5. Cutthroat Kitchen”: A Food Network that I have just recently watched, this cooking competition starts the host Alton Brown, bringing in four chefs, who bet on crazy obstacles to sabotage each other with while cooking, where each contestant is given $25,000. This show always keeps me on my toes, not knowing what’s going to happen next, and always making me watch reruns. Even though some sabotages get old, this show won’t, hopefully.


  1. “Survivor”: “Survivor” is another reality show competition, hosted by Jeff Probst, which is always a fan favorite of mine. While the later seasons have gotten a little boring, I can forgive all of that through wicked strategy’s, creative immunity challenges, and of course, what makes “Survivor, Survivor” all of the Blindsides!
  2. “Cupcake Wars”: I know it’s weird for someone to like a show involving cupcakes, but honestly, it’s just flat-out amazing. This show is fun, funny, and really creative. Four bakers compete to win $10,000 and I’m always on my toes to see who wins. When the show re-aired this year, I was a little disappointed that the episodes were not frequent or even enjoyable at times, I still watch all the re-runs, a great thing to do on a weekend for me
  3. “The Amazing Race”: This is another show, just like “Survivor”, that keeps me on my toes with amazing, picturesque destinations that are stunning and like they almost came from a postcard, which is hosted by Phil Keoghan. Not only that, there is actually strategy, which I find interesting and the main reason I keep watching. Some seasons have been quite dull, but again, still amazing and a great show to keep on watching, or to even start watching.
  4. “Food Network Star”: This food and reality competition has contestants fighting it out to get their own show on the Food Network. “Food Network Star” is one of the only reality shows that make me want to apply on the show even more! Watching contestants’ stories, their backgrounds, and their own point of view, is incredible because I also want to be a food personality in the future, just like the hosts of the show Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis.
  5. “Regular Show”: “Regular Show” matches the characteristics I make to describe the perfect show to watch every day: it’s funny, creative, inventive, every positive adjective I can give to a perfect television show, I would give to “Regular Show”. This is the only show that I would never change about, and I hope that it doesn’t go off the air for a while, but I’ll keep watching the reruns, as usual.