The Griffin

December Edition 2018

January 11, 2019

Departments cope with decreasing budget

Maria Eberhart, Editor-in-chief

January 9, 2019

Dulaney’s operating budget has steadily declined since the 2015-16 school year despite consistent enrollment and increasing structural issues. The operating budget, which is specifically apportioned for supplies, materials and...

Eating disorders rates amongst teens escalate

Olivia Summons, Editor-in-chief

January 7, 2019

For an anonymous junior, feeling consumed by personal body image issues has compromised their ability to perform both in school and in life. “Some people I know just don’t like themselves and they can’t cope with that,”...

Google ban detrimental to productivity

Geoffrey Dochat and Morgan Pierce

January 7, 2019

Baltimore County Public School’s recent decision to block popular search engine Google has left students like junior Phuong Nguyen struggling to efficiently access reliable and relevant information. “It makes it [challenging]...

Zeroes foster motivation

Ethan Samels and Dylan McCabe

January 7, 2019

Changes to Baltimore County Public School’s mastery grading policy have culminated in significant ramifications for students and teachers alike. Previously, incomplete assignments received a low score code (LS), indicating a...

Extended day debated

Rochelle Shubinsky and Maddie Essig

January 7, 2019

Next year, the school day will be extended by 15 minutes, a decision made by county officials in response to a school-wide failure to meet the required amount of county-mandated hours of instruction. Baltimore County Public Schools...

The pitfalls of modern education

Fanglin Ding, Staff Writer

January 7, 2019

As per the norm of a modern western society, education is heralded as the crux of civilization. We romanticize the nature of our education system, and continue to spread the mantra that more education is simply a necessary thing. However,...

Past actions cause detrimental effects

Noah Wilkens, Staff Writer

January 7, 2019

An increased presence and importance of the press and media worldwide has skyrocketed in recent years. In conjunction with the increased magnitude of stories, the stigma surrounding them has followed suit. The world of politics...

it’s debatable: normalizing environmental apathy

Olivia Summons, Editor-in-chief

January 7, 2019

Climate change is the new 2018 conspiracy! Do you believe in aliens, ghosts, an afterlife? Well what about climate change? Let’s consult our soon-to-be president in his early years as the Republican presidential candidate. “I...

American reactions condone Saudi actions

Rushil Byatnal and Laura Hennawi

January 7, 2019

When news came out Oct. 2 that Jamal Khashoggi, an overt critic of the Saudi Arabian government and a prominent Washington Post journalist, was murdered by the Saudi government after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, the...