The pitfalls of modern education

Fanglin Ding, Staff Writer

As per the norm of a modern western society, education is heralded as the crux of civilization. We romanticize the nature of our education system, and continue to spread the mantra that more education is simply a necessary thing.

However, what do we notice when we actually take a much needed and serious look at our schools? We notice the amount of students who are falling behind. We observe the toxic culture spawned by grade competition. We take heed to the overall apathy of students to truly learn.

Let’s face it. Our education system is not tailored to student needs. Some might not even be cut out to be a student. Yet, we still lump everyone into the same system and give them comparable, high expectations with a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone must succeed. If you don’t, the problem is with you, or your teacher, and not the system. Never the system.

The reality is that there will never be a time when all will succeed equally. Individuals might have talent in various areas, but that shouldn’t mean those people get left behind.
Students enter school as unique individuals, and then leave as mindless drones seeking their next A. Anyone who doesn’t fall into that category gets dropped off on a curve, their prospects for the future dimming.

The few who do end up truly enriched from our education system are the exception, not the rule.
Students are trained not to be excellent leaders, but to be excellent followers. If you abide by your directives well enough, you’ll receive a good grade. If you don’t, it becomes much harder to succeed.

What should ultimately happen is a real educational reformation. One that changes the very dynamic and goal of education. We need to allow students to embrace their differences and become their own bosses because we cannot continue on our current path.