The Griffin

March 2017 Edition

March 21, 2017

Saudi Arabian video combats sexism

Lauren Kuhr, Staff writer

March 20, 2017

Women across the world are subject to sexism and prejudice every day, some more than others. Much of Saudi Arabia, an Arab state in Western Asia, has in a deeply conservative culture where women are placed under tight restrictions....

Teachers, students mixed on two education bills

Meher Hans, Editor in Chief

March 17, 2017

The state legislation that would limit testing to approximately 24 hours per school year makes sense to English teacher Britta Schaffmeyer. Still, she notes there may be a catch. “The more hours of testing we have, the fewer...

Teachers cope with sleep deprivation

Emma Walz, Managing editor

March 17, 2017

According to a pen-and-paper survey administered to 52 teachers last month, the majority of teachers here, 76 percent, say that lack of sleep has affected how they work and teach. Social studies teacher Julie Marx isn’t surprised...

People need $#*!

People need $#*!

March 17, 2017

Despite political shift, empathy must be valued

Dorrie Geang, staff writer

March 17, 2017

Old Haitian culture believed in the power of voodoo dolls. Everything the doll experiences—a prick with a needle—is mimicked by its respective, paired person—a sharp pain in the stomach. This mirroring is how Paul Bloom,...

Adjusting to new reality: renovation debate 2.0

Meera Rothman, Editor in Chief

March 17, 2017

The school board’s rejection of the bid for a $40-million renovation of the school came as a surprise to principal Sam Wynkoop. “I knew there was support there,” Wynkoop said. “I knew what people were asking for, but...