Missed Faces at Dulaney

Missed Faces at Dulaney

Erin Patterson, Staff Writer

Almost everyday Dulaney High School (DHS) students pass by their administrators without recognizing who they are or their role at Dulaney. DHS has five administrators: Samuel Wynkoop, Latonya Wallace, Constance Dean, Bob Murray and Christopher Parker. All five are in charge of different duties to make Dulaney run as smoothly as possible. 

One of the administrators you may pass is Parker. Before becoming an assistant principal, he taught Spanish at Woodlawn High School. Parker is the Grade 10 administrator, meaning all sophomore events and disciplinary issues go straight to him. He is also the Student Resource Officer liaison and is in charge of transportation and scheduling. From when students submit their registration forms in January to when students receive them in August, Parker is perfecting every student’s schedule. Although he has a giant whiteboard filled with teachers, courses and class times, most of the work is done through computer systems.

“From when students register, I won’t stop working on the schedule until August. It will be something I touch everyday including weekends,” Parker said.

The voice you often hear on the announcements for testing passes is Murray. Murray’s duties at Dulaney include supervising the ninth grade, testing and the Spark Program. The Spark Program is for students who need extra help with summer school or afterschool programs. The biggest job he has is testing; Dulaney completes state testing almost every month. Whether that be fall testing, winter state testing, spring state testing, MCAP, HSA, MISA or WIDA-ESOL, Murray has to schedule times and students to take these tests. Due to COVID, students are taking two years worth of tests to try and catch up.

Murray said, “There are a lot of facets to it that you have to look at from a lot of angles…to try and perfect the logistics because you are taking a school of 2,000 students and running them through exams.” 

Murray began receiving his degrees when he graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelors in history. Then he received a theology degree from St. Mary’s Seminary and University. Murray was originally interested in becoming a priest but then changed his mind and went to Towson University for a teaching certification. Afterwards he obtained degrees from Johns Hopkins, Loyola University and Seton Hall. The degree from Seton Hall was especially important since that is where he received his Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) degree. 

“[the PhD] was more of a personal thing, a challenge to myself, since only 1% of the population has a doctorate and I wanted to see if I could do it. Plus, I was interested in the topic and possibly teach college courses…” said Murray. 

DHS’ administration puts forth hours of their time to help make Dulaney the best it can be. Whether their jobs be more logistical work or lunch duty, the administrators help support students and staff to uphold Dulaey’s positive reputation.