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Aziza Cossentino, Staff Writer

Sophomore Ryan Gioffreda treks through high school with dreams of becoming a chemical engineer and confidently sheds the stereotypes tacked on to being a little person. Staff writer Aziza Cossentino sat down with Giofreda to learn firsthand about the positivity and message he has to share.

Q: What do you want to do when you are older? Any career or occupation in mind?

A: I have had many different occupations I have looked through, but honestly, I would love to be a chemical engineer. The job is quite promising, and I believe I could have strong accomplishments in that field.

Q: What is motivating you to pursue that career? personal interest, family, an idol?

A Honestly, I’ve wanted to make chemical compounds and something new and make a lot of things in various fields. It’s just a personal interest that I’ve had for a while.

Q: What college do you want to attend?

A: If I were to attend any college at this moment, I would love to go to MIT. It has the best program for what I want to major in.

Q: Do you have any advice for people that feel stuck because they face similar obstacles?

A: Advice I would give is keep your head up and look forward. Keep positive thoughts a believe everything you can do is possible with a little bit of thought.

Q: That leads me to ask- what is your opinion on the sort of ‘taboo’ surrounding the topic of being a little person?

A: I think people shouldn’t worry about it. I’m exactly the same and I’m just a bit shorter. Nothing should be treated differently, the thought of it should just go over people’s heads.

Q: What are you watching or listening to now?

A: I enjoy music and listen to a lot of rock. Specifically Kiss and My Father… I don’t really have
a favorite song, I just listen to a variety of music.  As for shows, I like comedy related shows. Right now I am watching Seinfeld.