Fundamentals help captain ignite team


Andrew Wang, Staff Writer

Sophomore and junior varsity soccer captain Jacob Margolis is known for making his presence on the team invaluable, and it’s not through step-overs and roulettes.

“Jacob was an incredibly important part of our team this year. He leads through setting an example, and the mature way which he carries himself is why other players look up to him,” head coach Dan Lahatte said.

Teammates say that Margolis communicates with the team in an engaging way, always trying to correct his mistakes.

“His presence on the team completely boosts our morale. He’s one of the most mentally-tough teammates I’ve ever had,” fellow teammate Malek DeBrabander said.

Sophomore teammate Rowan Hughes also gives credit to Margolis’s maturity.

“Jacob always stays positive. If we just came off a tough loss and he sees someone taking it hard, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him pull them aside and offer words of encouragement,” Hughes said.

Margolis credits every aspect of his journey since second grade for shaping who he is as a player today.

“My parents were the ones who pushed me and gave me the opportunity to play the sport,” Margolis said. “My former coach stressed that even if you weren’t the best on your team, you can still make an impact on the field by giving your best effort.”

It’s these fundamentals which Lahatte believes complete Margolis as a player.

“His versatility comes from his reliance on the fundamentals, which he’s now built on. He’s added speed, pace, and muscle, but he has also developed his game sense. He knows where he needs to position himself, when to shoot and ultimately make the right play,” Lahatte said.

Margolis was recently called up to the varsity squad for playoffs, and it’s no surprise to his coach and teammates.