Spectator turned star

Brian Ellis, Staff writer

It didn’t take much for sophomore Jenna Isaacson to find her passion in the game of basketball.
“Watching my friends play and seeing the game made me want to try it, I did, and basically I fell in love with it,” Isaacson said.
Isaacson is a scoring threat, averaging 10 points per game for the junior varsity team as point guard. According to teammates, Isaacson’s intensity helps her succeed on both sides of the ball.
“She is always moving around. She brings a lot of energy to the team on the court,” sophomore guard Gabby McKnight said.
Isaacson recalled a time where she helped out one of her teammates as an example of her leadership.
“We were at Catonsville High School and in the first quarter about two minutes into the game, she was trying to block a shot and this girl ran into her and her shoulder popped out.” Isaacson said.So I ran over to her, helped her up and then brought her to the bench and then walked with her to keep getting ice.”
According to head coach Lori Ryan, Isaacson has responded well to the challenges of the point guard position.
“It requires being able to handle the ball and being able to initiate the offense each time down the court,” Ryan said. ”She also has quick reflexes and anticipates well, which allows her to help on the defensive end of the court by getting steals and starting the fast break.”
In addition to basketball, Isaacson plays softball, but her true passion is basketball.
The team’s record for the season stood at 9-4 as of press time. Ryan said Isaacson’s presence on the court has helped the team play at a high level.