Senior Simoes saves the day

Olivia Hetherington, Staff Writer

Audrey Simoes, a senior at Dulaney High School, celebrates her final moments with her lacrosse team.  A dedicated athlete and student who formerly played soccer for the Lions, she is extending her athletic career into the spring season by playing goalie for the Dulaney Lions.

Simoes has been playing lacrosse since her dad encouraged her to pick up a stick at the age of two. From that day, she has continued to fall in love with lacrosse. Playing such a high level sport for 12 years has allowed Simoes to learn a lot about herself.

“Lacrosse taught me to be not only physically but mentally tough. I have learned to be more decisive, communicative and cooperative,” Simoes said. 

Maintaining good grades, applying to colleges, and playing multiple varsity sports can be very difficult. However, Simoes enjoys this demanding schedule because it  allows her to maintain a balanced life.

“Lacrosse has given me structure to my life as it has put me in a routine of going to school and practicing everyday while balancing my social and work life. I have become more organized and my time management has improved,” Simoes said. 

As well as structure and routine, Dulaney lacrosse has given Simoes a tight group of friends who feel like  family. Simoes will not be returning to her Dulaney lacrosse family next season, but they will be cheering Simoes on during her games at York College. Simoes’ dedication and hard work has given her the opportunity to extend her lacrosse career another four years. 

“I am playing in college because I am looking forward to competing at a higher level. I have worked hard to get to the next step for lacrosse,” Simoes said. 

A player with unmatched love for her team and energy for the sport are some ways Simoes was described by her coach and teammates. All characteristics of an athlete to watch can be embodied by senior Simoes.