Student on the street: Super Bowl Predictions

Jackie Sibila, Editor-in-Chief

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles traveled to Arizona this past Sunday to compete for the Lombardi trophy. Both teams are known for having – how should I word this – an intense fan base. The Chiefs fans at Arrowhead stadium famously hold a world record for reaching the loudest noise levels at a game, while Eagles fans are known for their extreme reactions to anything Eagles football. This superbowl was definitely one to remember. 

While most of the Dulaney population are Ravens fans, many had an opinion on who would win this year’s Super Bowl LVII. Students on the “street” voiced their own thoughts on how the game would go down on Saturday. When they were asked: Who will win the Super Bowl and by how many points?, this is how they answered. 

12th grader Sophia Strande said, “You know the Eagles are winning! I think they will win by 3 points – it’s going to be a close game.” 

There seemed to be a trend as many more students agreed with Strande that the Eagles would win, but had differing opinions on how many points they may win by ranging from three to 10 points. 

The Chiefs seemed to be a less popular pick as little students voiced their confidence in a red win. However, Luke Labbe – along with a couple others – took the Eagles’ opposition to predict a Chief’s win by around seven points. 

I myself have been an Eagle’s fan since I was little, influenced by my Dad who grew up in North Philly. While I had hoped the Eagles would win, I did not make a prediction for the outcome – you can’t mess with the Philadelphia “ju ju” (it’s a Philly thing). 

Kick-off took place at 6:30 p.m. ET and to say the game was intense would be an understatement. The Eagles were up at the half but the Chiefs came back to win the game in the last couple minutes of the fourth quarter – a win that has faced controversy due to a holding call against the Eagles. Yet, the outcome stands: The Chiefs won. 

It appears that Dulaney student’s confidence in the Eagles did not come to fruition.