Schmidt Shoots and Scores


(Dulaney Griffin/Kate Lakatta)

Athlete to watch: Heidi Schmidt

Kate Lakatta, Staff Writer

Sophomore Heidi Schmidt is ready to take on the court in the 2022-2023 basketball season and is confident in herself and her team. Schmidt brings a lot to the team including her experience, personality and dedication. 

Growing up, Schmidt played basketball with her brothers and fell in love with the sport. Schmidt has been playing basketball since second grade and through the years she has become an excellent shooter. Now she uses her shooting skills to fill the shooting guard position for the girl’s Varsity team at Dulaney.   

Schmidt’s skill is an important part of the team but so is her personality. Schmidt consistently brings humor, joy and encouragement to the team.  

Schmidt said, “On and off the court I’m cheering for my teammates and trying to make everyone have a good time… I’m always trying to be there for my teammates.” 

Basketball is a team sport and having a team that is connected is important. It is also important to have a good leader. Schmidt says Coach Lewis has helped the team as individuals and as a whole gain confidence. 

“Coach Lewis has been one of my biggest mentors just in the past year. She has taught me to hustle all the time in all aspects of life, she has taught me to make everything count, and she has especially taught me to believe in myself,” said Schmidt. 

The team has already bonded well this year and it looks like they will have a great season. Schmidt’s good aim and personality will surely get the girls varsity team some wins.