“One Shoe Jay”

Aine Heron, Staff Writer

As he starts his junior year track season, Jayden Queen is ready to make his mark during his first winter track season. Queen is a year round athlete participating in Dulaney’s varsity football team, and continuing the year with both winter and spring track. 

Queen started running spring track his freshman and sophomore year, but with Covid as an obstacle during 2020-2021, he was not able to run winter track. He was, however, influenced by his football coach to branch out. 

Queen said, “[his motivation] was really Coach Reed. After the football season ended he motivated us to always be doing something. So, I tried out track because he was the track coach.”

He believes the biggest difference between winter and spring track is the mental block the cold brings to runners. Although the spring season can be more lively with greater involvement, Queen is up for the challenge.

“The difference is the mental strength, and how cold it is going to be. And that’s just like a wall blocking people and I just think once you get past the cold, you can really do it,” said Queen.

An experience Queen carries with him is his mishap at a track meet last spring, which turned into one of his motivators.

“Last season I got the nickname “One Shoe Jay”, because halfway through my race, my shoe flew off and I came second,” said Queen.

All athletes have strengths and weaknesses, and as a well versed athlete, Queen knows his own. 

“One of my weaknesses I would say was my height, for a couple things. Because height can set you back for a lot that you do, it’s more about heart. I like to say it’s your height over your heart and that’s just my motto that I’ve been rolling with,” said Queen.

Queen is an upperclassman this year, which makes it his job to influence those running track for the first time. Being the person on the team who never loses his positive attitude no matter what the score may reflect, Queen is the cheerfulness that drives his teammates.

As an all around team player, and hard working athlete, we can expect great things from Queen in his upcoming track seasons.