Kaminski: King of the Mat

Olivia Hetherington, Staff Writer

Roman Kaminski, a junior in Dulaney High School, is new to the Lion family wrestling. Kaminski is a dedicated athlete who formerly played football for the Lions, and is extending his athletic career through the winter season. 

Kaminski has been wrestling for 4 years and previously wrestled at Gilman. Carrying a positive attitude from Gilman to Dulaney, he always makes it a priority to uplift others. He is ecstatic for the upcoming season at Dulaney and feels prepared for his junior year wrestling career.

“I am extremely excited to see how the team develops and to see my teammates’ hard work pay off in our matches. As always, I’m pumped for a good and challenging season of competition for myself, but I prefer to focus on one match at a time”, Kaminski said.

The struggle between handling academic assignments and sports stressors can be a lot for a young adult. The persistent nature of wrestling helps Kaminski thrive in the classroom by being more focused and taking responsibility with assignments.

“For me, wrestling enforces character, discipline and responsibility which echoes throughout all other aspects of life. After intense wrestling practices with conditioning and live sparring, a wrestler becomes tougher mentally, which carries into the classroom, workplace and all other activities”, Kaminski said. 

The drive to play such a demanding sport for Kaminski is the psychological and physical rewards, and has taught him important life lessons of staying focused on tasks at hand and persevering through struggles.

“You only compete against one other person each match, and it’s entirely up to you, as a wrestler, to keep fighting. Blame cannot be put on coaches or teammates, so responsibility must be taken individually for the result of every match”, Kaminski explained. 

Next time you go out to a match for Dulaney wrestling keep an eye open for Kaminski, a player with unmatched energy and love for the sport. When we asked if he wanted to add any last comments, all he said was, “GO LIONS!”.