EZ makes it look easy

Brooke Ellis, Sports Editor

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players to ever exist, wore the number 23 throughout his basketball career. Lebron James, another exceptional basketball player, wore the number 23 during his basketball career. Eric Zhang, Dulaney High’s basketball superstar, will be wearing number 23 this winter, and we can’t wait to see what he can do. 

When asked to describe what makes Zhang a great player, Coach Lochte said one word, “passion”. Zhang has been in love with basketball for over 11 years and can’t imagine his life without it. He works hard six days a week to make himself and the Varsity team the best they can be. 

Outside of athletics, Zhang has a vigorous schedule including four AP classes, but he has not let that get in the way of having a “fun” senior year. He has enjoyed spending time with his friends and making unforgettable senior year memories. 

Some of those friends are his teammates who he has grown up with. Zhang believes those relationships have helped the team become a family. He’s also grateful for the relationships with his coaches. 

“They push me for my best interest and are always there if we need someone to talk to,” said Zhang. 

Both Zhang and Lochte agree that trust between the players and coaches is how the team can succeed. Trust between every teammate helps build the foundation of the team and bring it, as Zhang said, “together.” He uses his leadership skills to help every player be their best.

“He is a really good role model, not just for the basketball guys, but for students in general at Dulaney,” said Coach Lochte. 

For Zhang, the energy and competitiveness of the game is why he loves it so much. Every time he steps out on the court, he gives 110% and never walks away feeling like he could’ve done more. He is looking to play basketball in college, but is putting his academics first, making sure wherever he goes will set him up for the future. 

Zhang has put in non-stop work and effort to make the team the best it can be. Make sure to catch him in a game this winter and PACK THE DEN to show our Dulaney pride!