Coaches Highlights

Megan Puente, Staff Writer

While the athletes are a very important aspect of Dulaney, the coaches help shape the players to get the recognition they deserve and to improve. During winter, the coaches were on the lookout for talent, sportsmanship, and important qualities to add to   the team. Let’s find out about the Basketball, winter cheer, wrestling, track, and allied bocce ball coaches. 



Coach Matt Lochte is the head coach for the boys Varsity Basketball team. Lochte has now been coaching for 24 years at Dulaney High School, starting in 1999 as an assistant coach but then switching to head coach in the 2003-2004 season. After playing basketball throughout college,Lochte was inspired to coach. He had a very impactful high school coach who he looked up to and became a role model for him. Lochte can’t wait for what’s to come this season. 


Coach Kourtney Lewis-Orr is the head coach for the women’s Varsity Basketball team. Lewis has been coaching at Dulaney for 5 years,three of which as assistant and the past two as head.    Lewis played the sport herself in high school and college, and later decided she wanted to coach to help athletes. 



Coach Kim Bettencourt is the girls cheerleading coach. Bettencourt started her coaching career for Cockeysville rec when her daughter was four years old. In 2003 she was approached to coach at Dulaney and has continued her coaching career. 



Coach Emily Kachik has been coaching for five years, starting off at Cockeyville Middle School. After one year, she switched to  Dulaney to coach cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field.Kachik is an avid runner herself, running in high school and college at Shippensburg University. As a coach her number one priority is to empower athletes. 



Coach Scott Asher is the Men’s varsity wrestling coach. He has been coaching at Dulaney high school since 2013.  Asher wrestled for Mount Hebron High School in Howard County and was a County Champion, a Region Champion, and placed 2nd in the Maryland state championships. He is excited for the new season.


Bocce ball

Right out of college in 1991-1998, Anita Shaw began to coach at Dulaney. She coached field hockey and lacrosse at Dulaney.  This is her 12th year coaching all three seasons of Allied soccer, bocce ball and softball.She was a PE major at Towson University and played field hockey and lacrosse there. She has always wanted to coach and loves it.