We got spirit, how about you?

Megan Puente, Staff Writer

School spirit is a crucial aspect to the high school experience. Prior to the pandemic Dulaney athletics enjoyed a spirited school atmosphere, but as we get back into the swing of things, spirit has been at a low. To make a change, seniors Ava Morrow and Kevin Graziano decided to create the Student Athlete Leadership Association (SALA). The overall goal is to get more students involved and generate more spirit.

Morrow and Graziano have been involved with school activities and athletics all throughout high school. Graziano plays for the boys basketball team. Morrow plays golf, softball and was previously a member of the soccer and basketball teams. Both agreed that school spirit had a positive impact on their freshman year experience and believe that it is an important aspect of high school. These seniors want to uplift the Dulaney community and bring students together. 

To create an atmosphere of school pride, Graziano decided to create an Instagram account to highlight the athletes at Dulaney High School. Check out @dulaneysports, to find what days games take place and their final results. 

Elaborating on why he created the account, Graziano said,  “I was really looking forward to doing something with my time and to spreading love to other people. People like seeing themselves represented so I really did it for that, to get different people shown.”   

To make the sports games exciting, there will be themes for games such as U.S. day, Hawaiian out and red out. SALA meetings will be held throughout the school year to bring the students together and to share ideas that students think are important. 

“School spirit is a bonding type thing and when people look back on their high school experience they can say that their community was close and I think that’s important,” said Morrow. 

The Dulaney community can’t wait to see all the pride students and families have for this upcoming school year. Graziano’s Instagram account as well as the creation of SALA will surely bring positivity and spirit. So, we got spirit, how about you?