Howard’s last touchdowns


Kate Lakatta, Staff Writer

Senior Brendan Howard started his season with determination, leading the boys varsity football team to victory. As the 2022 Varsity football season begins, the boys have already bounced back from last year’s season with zero wins. Instead of hanging their heads low, the boys took last year’s season as a learning opportunity and came back bigger and better with Howard’s help.  

Howard has dedicated nine years to football. These years have helped shape him into the strong individual he has become. 

Howard says, “I bring joy to the team. I keep the heads up instead of keeping them down. I bring energy.” 

Howard thanks football for his confidence. He also claims that football has helped him become a better communicator and leader. Howard’s character stands out to his team. 

“He’s a great team player and has a great personality overall,” says teammate Luca Von Eron.

Howard also shows strength on the field, proving he is an essential player. Howard is a tight end and linebacker. He scored his first touchdown at the Towson game helping get an impressive 36-6 win. Howard says that because the team won a game, his goal for the season has already been achieved.  The confidence from the past wins give him hope to make it to the playoffs. 

With Howard playing, the boys have extra character and skill on and off the field. There is no doubt he will help lead the team to many more wins. The boys Varsity football team has school pride and is determined to end the season proudly with Howard on their side.