Climbing to the top

Climbing to the top

Olivia Morris, Editor

Sophomore Alex Ruggles has a promising soccer career at Dulaney High School. Ruggles is a leader on the JV Boys soccer team as well as being a part of the Celtic Club team outside of the Dulaney squad.  

Ruggles is an outstanding student, taking AP classes as a sophomore, as well as being a vital part of his two soccer teams. He learned to balance his multiple weekly practices with his rigorous academic schedule. Ruggles displays determination and hard work, giving his all for his teammates and his teachers in school. Going from a long school day to Dulaney soccer practice then to a club practice can be a lot for a high school student to handle, but Ruggles never disappoints. 

Coach Lahatte says, “He was in strong consideration for the Varsity squad this year, but the coaching staff felt that his development would increase with a leadership role with JV.”

While Ruggles leads the JV Boys team’s defense as a left back, he believes that  “Everybody has a role to play on the team.” 

Ruggles enjoys going to practice everyday to hangout and work together with his friends and teammates. As a teammate, it is important to show up everyday and try your best, and Ruggles ensures that he contributes his best effort every practice and every game. He has put in the work to have a successful next two years at Dulaney High School.

Coach Lahatte, “looks forward to seeing how he can contribute to our program in the years to come.” 

Ruggles is an exceptional leader and role model  whose hard work and talent will take him wherever he wants to go.